Network dangers are the many problems caused by using the internet.

These issues range from physical damage to mental health issues. Individuals must learn to deal with these risks in order to use the Internet safely. Competing with fraud and scams in the red light district increases your personal risk.Easy access to information makes it easier to manage Internet dangers.
Physical harm may result from information revealed online. For example, damage to a person’s reputation or bank account can occur when personal information is posted online. Image or property damage can also occur when embarrassing or harmful photos are posted online.
Damage to a person’s employment status when false information about an employer is posted online is a major concern. publicity, health and other physical factors can also be negatively affected, depending on the situation. Many people also believe that they are competing with scammers, scammers and other fraudulent people when using the internet. This competition makes people reluctant to interact with the Internet.

It will also them less likely to trust websites or send information without asking to adress a scam or fake product.